Children’s Travel Checklist

Cast your thoughts back only a few short years to pre-children road trips. Weren’t they fun? Weren’t they easy? Weren’t they so easy and quick to prepare for, you could set off at a moment’s notice with nothing more than a flask of coffee, a cheese sandwich and a ZZ Top CD.

Anyone who has a young family to take into consideration will recognize that those days are in the past. Organizing a road trip with children is akin to a military operation which must be carefully planned with skill and precision. Of course, a road trip with children can still be fun and will help make a lot of lasting memories.

Here’s a check list of some things you should take with you on the next road trip together with the kids – start organizing it as quickly as possible.

If you have to stop quickly in an emergency situation, 1 – Soft toys, those which won’t cause any harm. If you are going to get assaulted by any flying toys in the vehicle it ought to be something furry and soft like a teddy bear.


2 – An added supply of bottle tops and pacifiers. It’s surprising just how many pacifiers get lost in the relatively confined area within a car and if your little darling is keen on his pacifier then you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Have a good supply with you at all times.

3 – Tape player or CD with lots of your children favorite tunes and / or stories. If you possess the time you might make a recording of yourself reading their preferred bed time story but failing that there are plenty of readymade ones to buy. Your favorite kids nursery rhymes and songs may begin to get on your nerves after a while nevertheless they can really help to soothe a youngster over a road trip which, let’s face it is useful news for anyone concerned.

4 – Training / and pants or diapers. When you have some training pants available, even if your toddler is really toilet trained you may be glad. Whereas it could be easy to run to the toilet at five minute intervals when you’re at home it is not so easy (or convenient) to do so when you’ve got several hundred miles of route to drive.


5 – Healthy snacks. A hungry toddler / child / adult is a grumpy toddler / child / adult so make sure that you’ve got plenty of snacks. Healthy snacks can give a good energy boost to some tired driver too. Choose things which are super easy to eat using the fingers and won’t make too much of a mess on the floor or seats of the car. Pieces of fruit are always a good carrot, celery and option sticks are great too and won’t create a mess but there are plenty of points to go at.

6 – Tissues and wet wipes. It’s amazing how many uses you can find for a packet of wet wipes so don’t leave home without them. They can help to clean everything from sticky fingers to spilled juice on the dash and finger prints on your sunglasses.

7 – Plastic bags for the trash. If there’s somewhere to set the trash then it will help to help keep your car neat and tidy during the journey.


That’s just a few ideas of the things you must have handy when you take a road trip with young children. With regards to the actual car is concerned, have a look at the selection at Nissan San Bernardino and you won’t be disappointed. There are some fabulous deals at Metro Nissan Redlands too.

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